Design Garden
Graphic Design + Illustration + Animation Studio




Design Garden is a boutique graphic design and illustration studio. It all started in 2009 when Sabina Radeva, a former scientist, decided to switch to a creative career. Via intensive study and work with clients, she established a successful business. Equipped with more than nine years industry experience, we have worked with hundreds of small businesses to create branding and websites. Together we bring creativity, artistry, solid design knowledge to our client’s projects.


Sabina Radeva

Sabina is a graphic designer, illustrator and a published author, based in London UK. After graduating MSc at Max Planck Institute, she switched to a creative career. She took university level courses in graphic design and later enrolled in an Illustration MA at the University of Hertfordshire. Since 2011 she has been teaching online with a specific focus on trends and creative techniques. She draws on her background as a scientist, artist, project manager, trend observer and creator to apply a multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving in branding and design.


Iglika Kodjakova

Iglika Kodjakova is an artist and letterer with BA in Fine Arts (Honours) from Sofia University. She has experience with illustrating children’s books, her paintings have been exhibited, and her design work has been published in design magazines. She has a particular interest in exploring links between technology and art.