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Branding Package

Branding Package

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The complete branding package - a perfect start for your small business.

Logo Design

Our logos are lettered from the ground up and each one is a unique creation! They are legible in small and large size, work in black and white, are designed to function on the web, print or stamp. The package includes vector files, images for print and web and a watermark version. 

Branding Story

The Branding Story is the primary visual DNA of your company. It includes information about the brand colours, fonts and graphics. The Branding Story will be the reference material for the design of your website and print materials to ensure that your branding looks consistent everywhere. Includes 2 custom patterns, 5 custom icons, selection of fonts and colours.

+ Free business card design

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Project Time Frame

Logo design takes about 2 weeks. Branding story takes from 1-2 weeks.