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Custom Illustrated Portrait

Custom Illustrated Portrait

from 160.00

Custom portraits make the best gifts. They are so versatile and can be used on your website, as wall art, as avatars on social media. This artistic alternative to selfies or plain portrait photos is much more than capturing a likeness. We convey personality with colour and pattern.

If you order 2 portraits you get one pet portrait FREE!

The Process

We begin with a short questionnaire to better understand your personality and taste. I will request several photos of you and some images of things that you like. If you are purchasing this for someone else, you can fill the survey on their behalf.


  • Person portrait - 1 person portrait. Includes high resolution digital files.

  • + Art Print: 1 person portrait. Includes digital files + a signed art print (A3 size printed on archival matte paper). Perfect for gifting.

  • + Animation: 1 person animated portrait. You will receive digital files + an animated GIF

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